Short stories / Actual Art / 2017 / 171 pages

This short story collection is the expression of the author’s long creative research. The exceptional center of the book is the human being and his surrounding reality. Receiving shape and meaning, the human being passes his way through and between the lines of the book, mixes with his and the author’s present and appears in front of the reader as he is- sometimes sad and hopeless, demoralized and insane, sometimes joyful and satisfied.

The short story collection is a unique testing ground, where absolutely different people live side by side in harmony: epileptic patients of neurological hospital and Baso, who loves wild animals and treats them like domestic ones, Matos, who is sick and tired of Ararat Valley terrible heat and Goqor, who is working in a parking place for a very low salary, Shamam who is a resident of a dump and Louiz from Hatsarat who hurries to get US citizenship stepping over Masis mountain. The story collection covers the lifestyles of a large range of characters and their emotions. In the book they appear devoid from author’s euphemism.

Reality and nothing else but reality… This is the methodological credo of the author and the dominant topic of the book. No magical tricks to ruin the reality, no intercession of the fiction material, no abstractions that can complicate the perception of the material, only a straight road where you can only find some hints.