ARI Literary and Talent Agency highly values partnership and cooperation


HYESTART is an organization supporting the development of cultural democracy in Armenia and the region.  Hyestart thus promotes the two main pillars of cultural democracy:  cultural diversity and the freedom to participate in cultural life, with a special emphasis on the latter. Hyestart implements The Vartanush Krikorian Fund project of translation support. Within the project the French translation of Aram Pachyan’s Goodbye, Bird was supported.

VLUME is digital reading platform, which offers its members a wide variety of e books and audio books either for free or through a monthly subscription. Currently VLUME carries the largest collection of classical and contemporary works of Armenian and foreign authors in Eastern and Western dialects. VLUME app is available for both iOS and Android devices. ARI Literary and Talent Agency is the exclusive agent representing VLUME in Armenia. ARI supports local Armenian publishers to onboard and distribute their publications through VLUME platform and works directly with institutions to increase the adoption of digital literature by readers in Armenia.

ARI Agency is the partner of Newmag publishing house and is negotiating copyright purchase and sales on  their behalf. ARI also supports in developing and diversifying Newmag’s list of titles. The publisher hit the local book market in May 2018 with the Armenian edition of a mega successful world bestselling titles The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck by Mark Manson. Next came Revolution, by Emmanuel Macron and Common Ground, by Justin Trudeau. A series about sportsmen with titles by Luca Caioli Ronaldno, Messi and Neymar has been initiated and will extend in the next years. Apart from outstanding titles presented by Newmag, the secret of the success has also been the creative marketing, book trailers and book presentations.

ARI Agency is the partner of Arevik publishing house and is negotiating copyright purchase and sales on  their behalf. Arevik was founded in 1986. The basic field of activity is publication of literature for children and young adult, belles-lettres, educational manuals and text books. From day of its foundation Arevik always remained the leader on publication of children and young adult literature in Armenia and today offers the reader a rich choice of colorful children books in original, distinctive design.