Novel/ Meshag publishing/ 2018/ 451 pages

LTB begins as an epistolary, offering readers rare insight into the mind of a 9-year-old experiencing a devastating civil war and finding solace by writing fan letters to a Hollywood legend. It is an homage to all the frightened little boys and girls caught in inhumane situations as adults kill each other over real estate, financial gain, power, ego and religion. It is also a requiem to the millions of lives lost and generations of survivors traumatized by man’s inhumanity against man.

Because wars and their consequences do not exist in a vacuum, LTB offers readers hope and context by chronicling the life of the young letter writer, Adam, through adulthood. As he grapples with his extrication from the land of his birth, a mere 50 years after his grandparents’ displacement from their centuries-old ancestral homeland, Adam continues writing one of the brightest stars of the 20th century about his experiences.

LTB takes readers from the dark days of the Word War II-era Soviet Union to the star-studded parties of Hollywood, from the streets of the City of Lights, Paris, to the post-Civil War and newly rebuilt Paris of the Middle East, Beirut.