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Jean-Chat (Hovhannes) Tekgyozyan is a writer and playwright. He has become known for his first novel Fleeting City published in 2012. He has previously published two collections of short stories, Wooden Shirt and Glass Sun, as well as essays on theater and cinema in The Doublesex Theater collection. His plays Metastasis and Non-People were staged by independent theaters in Armenia. In 2012 Metastasis was also presented at the Forum of the Chekhov International Theater Festival. His second novel Skin Pain was awarded with Orange Book Prize in 2012. Currently Tekgyozyan lives in Strasburg, France and has just finished his first French language novel – “Asile”.



Ayrıntı, Turkey
Mosaic Press, Canada
Belleville Editions, France


The Third Sex («Երրորդ սեռ»), novel, Edge Publishing, 2019

Skinpain («Մաշկացավ»), novel, Antares, 2014

Fleeting City (Փախչող քաղաքը), novel, Antares, 2012

Doublesex Theater («Երկսեռ թատրոն»), essays, Van Aryan, 2009

Glass Sun («Ապակու արև»), short stories, HGM, 2006

Wooden Shirt («Փայտե շապիկ»), short stories, Toner, 2003


Orange Armenia prize for the best novel for Skin Pain («Մաշկացավ»), 2012

Vahan Tekeyan Prize for The Glass Sun («Ապակու արև»), 2009

Grish Davtyan Award for The Doublesex Theater («Եկսեռ թատրոն»), 2009