Novel/ Antares 2012/ 163 pages

Tekgyozyan is mostly known in his fiction for his fantastical cartoon-animated descriptions. In The Fleeting City, for instance, one of the characters has hair that has branched out like a tree and come alive. Another character projects the faces of animals onto his friends. This style gives Tekgyozyan the liberty to write as if he were drawing an animated film with words on paper, and it draws the reader into a fantastical 3D world where inanimate objects come to life and humans take on unsuspecting forms.

Gagik and Grigor, tell the same story from two different perspectives, adding and subtracting events, giving the reader a more holistic view of what happened. Tekgyozyan is best known for his cartoon-animated style of writing, he is also praised for the themes he touches on – themes that are widely deemed controversial or taboo in Armenia. Some of these themes are concerned with politics, such as oligarchy and corruption, but most of them reflect on socio-cultural differences and the prevalent ignorance and intolerance toward them, including views on sexuality, homosexuality, suicide, and drug addiction.

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Review on English Edition

Calvert Journal, UK

Tekgyozyan’s fantastical and cartoonish style creates an Alice in Wonderland-like world where the human becomes animal and objects burst into life – a talent which no doubt feeds to his cult status and favorable comparisons to Tim Burton.

Reviews on French Edition

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