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Harout Ghukassian is a writer and screenwriter widely produced in Armenia and in Russia. After two novellas for children Harout has authored the incredible Book of Genius, a fantasy novel in the best traditions of Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings. The novel is a breathtaking adventure to the world full of fantasy creatures fighting for the Book of Genius, the Ultimate Power of Universe. See Ghukassian’s author profile here.

Soon after acquiring BA in Economy Harout Ghukasyan became passionate with cinematography and took screenwriting master classes in Russia and the US. Has authored popular sitcom series Topsy Turvies, and criminal drama serial Full Moon, as well as criminal serials Ransom, American story, Out of the Game on Armenian Public TV and feature films Dead Valley and No Way Out.

Harout Ghukasyan is the author of several highly popular TV shows which right after release had unprecedented success and exceeded all expected view ratings, becoming the most viewed TV serial in the history of local production. The Trap criminal drama, released on Shant TV, became a turning point in the Armenian TV serials production thus forming a new culture and shaping new high level quality standards. Shortly after that, Russian leading film production company Central Partnership in cooperation with Ukrainian FILM UA company obtained the rights for The Trap and released it in 2013. Russian leading channel NTV has screened Harout Ghukasyan’s Abyss serial, also Russian Enjoy Movies and DT Production companies screened a number of other feature films and serials based on the ideas and scripts by Harout Ghukasyan.

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