Harout Ghukassian is a writer and screenwriter whose works are widely produced in Armenia and in Russia. After two novellas for children Harout has authored The Book of Genius, a fantasy novel in the best traditions of Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings. The novel is a breathtaking adventure to the world full of fantasy creatures fighting for the Book of Genius, the Ultimate Power of Universe.

Soon after acquiring BA in Economy from Yerevan State University of Economy Harout Ghukassian became passionate with cinematography and took screenwriting master classes in Russia and the US. Has authored popular sitcom series and crime and drama series Trap, Full Moon, Ransom, American story, Out of the Game and feature films Dead Valley and No Way Out. 

You can se Harout Ghukassian’s screenwriter’s page and  full filmography.


Seven Short Stories («Յոթ պատմվածք»), short stories

The Book of Genius («Հանճարների գիրքը»), fantasy novel, Edge Publishing, 2019

Waiting for the Christmas Miracle («Ամանորյա հրաշքի սպասումով»), children’s novella, self pub., 2015

The Story about Areg and the Magic Necklace («Պատմություն Արեգի և հրաշագործ վզնոցի մասին»), children’s novella, self pub., 2008