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Armen of Armenia (Armen Ohanyan) is a fiction writer and essayist. He is the President of PEN Armenia Center since 2017. He is known for his short story collection The Return of Kikos, published in 2013. His short story Who Wants to Be a Millionaire appears in 2015 edition of Best European Fiction collection by Dalkey Archive Press. His writing is significantly influenced by his political activism. In 2015 he has participated at City of Asylum Writer Residency program in Pittsburg, PA, USA as well as the Fall Residency at the widely acclaimed International Writers’ Project at the University of IOWA at Iowa City, IA, USA.


Mommyland: the Flag («Մայրենիք. Դրոշ»), novel, Antares, Yerevan, 2016
The Return of Kikos («Կիկոսի վերադարձը»), i-stories, Antares, Yerevan, 2013


Ardzak Literary Awards for the short story The Return of Kikos («Կիկոսի վերադարձը»), 2011
Ardzak Literary Awards for the short story Superstar Mario («Սուպերաստղ Մարիո»), 2012


Mario Superstar, short story, English translation – Samsonia Way Magazine, USA
The Return of Kikos, short story, English translation – Trafika Europe, USA
Radio Yerevan, short story, English and Dutch translations and audio versions –  City Books, The Netherlands
Who Wants to be a Millionaire, short story, English translation – Best European Fiction 2015 by Dalkey Archive Press, UK