A novel / Antares, 2016 / 192 pages

The short story collection is the writer’s first book, and it includes the very first samples of the interactive Ar­menian prose, as the writer himself characterizes his work. The short stories are structured as games with readers, who should act as co-authors of the short stories. The author is also open to cooperation with other writers (Flying Bicycle; co-author Aram Pachyan, The Last Breakfast; co-author Lilit Karapetyan). Game is an indivisible part of Armen Ohanyan’s works (Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?, Mario Superstar, Hide-and-seek, Matryoshka). That is his unique way to involve readers and a solution to the problem of isolation in the modern Armenian literary process. As a follower of post modernism, he reconsiders the past, unfastening some space in Armenian prose both for old and new heroes (The Return of Kikos, Red Hooding Ride, Radio Yerevan).

The links to some short stories from the collection can be found below:

Mario Superstar, short story, English translation

The Return of Kikos, short story, English translation

Radio Yerevan, short story, English and Dutch translations and audio