Short stories and a novella/ Tstitsernak 2010

The events are taking place from the days of the Karabagh War until today. The protagonist lives in a village with a mixed population.

Marat wakes up one morning and suddenly a soldier’s cold voice informs him that he is under arrest, because he has trespassed the Armenian-Turkish border. They shove him into the military car and take him away. The soldiers decide to annihilate him and toss him beyond the border. Beyond the border an Armenian recruit discovers him. The soldiers conclude that he is a Turk. They pick up the corpse and toss it into the opposite side of the border. For twenty years, both sides interrogate him, beat him up, and send him back as Armenian, the other side as a Turk. But because he exists in the lists of the Red Cross, the sides are afraid to exterminate him. Marat appears in the captivity of both the Armenians and the Turks. 

The tortured, demoralized protagonist is in jail.  A  Red Cross representative encourages him and makes promises that he will reveal his identity and address. To this the protagonist answers, “The home is in its place. You should search for me. I have gotten lost. Have you forgotten that twenty years ago I exited my own destiny and have not returned since then. I am the one lost. You should look for me.”