Short stories/ Antares 2012

The style of the author is marked by the masterful usage of a mix of literary and street jargon language in marvelous descriptions of the life of youth in the modern city and its suburbs. His protagonists and characters are prototypes of himself and the people he grew up with. Being born and raised in a suburb with specific characteristics of being “down law”, poor and traditional, Sargis not only got higher education, but became a book worm and an intellectual and a political activist. At the same time, he never forgot where he came from and this is what his writing is about.

The way the author sees his surroundings is very similar to a film director’s individual approach to movie making. Depiction of young neighbors in the short story Bonnie and Clyde shows the gentle line between true life and imagination, and takes you back to the old movie becoming a reality in the modern days. The story Armageddon tells about cyberwars between Armenian and Azerbaijani gamers, who are in conflict in real life around Artsakh previously known as Nagorno Karabakh and are fighting for the territories in the online game too. The protagonist is playing the game emotionally to protect the territories, but is himself going to migrate to another country. The stories have been very successful among the youth and the author himself was highly evaluated by literary critics for his ability to create literary works around casual things.