ARI Literary and Talent Agency is happy to announce that two women writers Anna Davtyan and Anush Kocharyan joined ARI writers’ list in March. This is our celebration of the month, which, in different countries, is celebrated differently: Women History Month, International Women’s Day (March 8), etc.  Whatever we name it, whether loved or neglected, we, here at ARI Agency, consider the importance of balance between genders in every aspect of life and we appreciate talent and professionalism above all. Welcome talented women  and expect to hear from us on their outstanding success. 

Anna Davtyan is a poet, fiction writer and playwright. She studied English language and literature at Yerevan State University, and then moved on to studying photography at Caucasus Media Institute. Davtyan is a literary translator focusing on contemporary literature, and works to and from English. She is the author of an Armenian-English bilingual book of poetry, Book of Gratitude (Yerevan, 2012). Anna is also the winner of annual Yerevan Book Fest prize in the nomination best fiction, 2019.

She is teaching creative writing at TUMO Center for Creative Technologies.

Published in 2020, Anna Davtyan’s novel Khanna became a sensation and a new word in the Armenian modern literature. The novel was written in the frames of a grant received from The Ministry of Culture and Education of Armenia, in 2019.

Anush Kocharyan is a cultural journalist, art producer, poet and fiction writer.  She studied Journalism at the Yerevan State University. She is a graduate of IVLP  (International Visitor Leadership) program in journalism. She has been a cultural journalist at Hetq online newspaper since 2012 and is also started Balkon interview project, which became highly popular. Worked as a lecturer at Yerevan State Institute of Theatre and Cinematography and Yerevan State University. She is the General Manager  of Hover State Chamber Choir, General Producer of Saghsara documental-musical and cultural project. Anush represents individual artists in and outside Armenia as their agent. Anush Kocharyan is the winner of 2014 Eurodram contest of translated dramas (France), 2nd place winning playwright at 2015 literary contest of the Nuremberg State Theatre. 

Anush’s poetry collection will be publishing soon and she is working on her first novel.