A fiction and non-fiction writer. The decision to become a writer was influenced by John Updike and William Faulkner. Having graduated from Yerevan State University has later obtained a degree in Literature from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. In his fiction, Shmavon Azatyan portrays relationships between men and women, the ramifications stemming from the tensions between art, politics and an individual’s desire to develop professionally and be in a happy relationship, contextualized in Armenia after the independence. His oeuvres reflect the strive of an Armenian individual to seek happiness in a transforming state dominated by debased values. In his recent fiction, Shmavon Azatyan focuses on how using language conveys people’s perception of themselves and the others. A turning point in his career was the publication of a longer fiction “Let’s Talk” by New London Writers in 2014 – a short story where characters’ perception of human sexual identity through language fuels the action and figures as a major theme.

Between Revolutions, novel, unpublished

International publications

Let’s talk, short story, New London Writers, 2014