The Doctor, short screenlife film by Harout Ghukassian

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Presentation of the Book of Genius by Harout Ghukassian

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Aram Pachyan’s Good bye, Bird is published in Bulgarian

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Literary and Talent Agency writer and screenwriter Harout Ghukassian reacted to the Covid19 crisis and self-isolation situation with a creative endeavor. A short film shot in screenlife format has been shot based on his screenplay THE DOCTOR. This is a drama devoted to all the medical workers fighting the pandemic all over the world. The film will …

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During the EVN Report Armenian language podcast Roubina Margossian had a talk with Arevik Ashkharoyan, the founder and director of ARI Literary and Talent Agency and ARI Literature Foundation about modern Armenian literature, writer-agent relations and the necessity to represent Armenian writers abroad and the need of readers’ community in Armenia. You can listen to …

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Pachyan has launched a new project “Recalling the Reader”. It is a joined project with the director Artur Sukiasyan. The audio visual texts feature Aram Pachyan’s essays about art, literature, texts about the daily life and ordinary people, their emotions, feelings, thoughts. A special focus is on nowadays world caught in claws of pandemia. Watch …

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In the light of the latest global crisis and the stay-at-home regime, we’re excited to announce that our partner Vlume, the operator of the largest online digital Armenian library, has made all of its children titles available for FREE. Number of major publishers are participating in the event including Zangak, Antares, Technolinguistics and more. Download the app …

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On February 28, on the invitation of the Brussels municipality and in the frames of INANA-Inclusion and Art Network Festival, Jean Chat Tekgyozyan will conduct a literary workshop “The immigration and transformational integration of a literary hero in the new environment”. Presentation of the novel The Fleeting City will follow the workshop.

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On March 10-12, 2020 ARI Literary and Talent Agency will be taking part at the London International Book Fair as a part of Armenian Pavilion coordinated by Armenian Community Council and funded by Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation․ The Pavilion is at 5F120. ARI will be selling rights for Armenian authors. Within the program ARI Literary Agency …

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ARI Literary and Talent Agency is happy to announce that Karine Khodikyan’s “The Door Was Open”, a short story collection, and Susanna Harutyunyan’s novel “The Ravens Before Noah” have been published in English language by Glagoslav Publishing House. The short fiction of Karine Khodikyan can be described as an intellectual women fiction. The stories tell …

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Yūshō Takiguchi is a writer who lives and creates in Tokyo. He was awarded with the most famous Ryūnosuke Akutagawa literary prize in Japan. While taking part at Fall residency at the International Writing Program in the Univeristy of Iowa, he became good friends with Aram Pachyan and talked much about art and literature, including …

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