Armine Anda

Armine Anda has started her career in theatre and TV. Having lead roles in various performances, she also made a television show for children called Bluim Bluim Stories, where she was telling the stories of her fantasy novel The Inhabitants of Ankimure, and acting as their characters. In 2002 the first part of The Inhabitants of Ankimure was awarded to be published on MUTK Series (Debut Series). In 2011 The Inhabitants of Ankimure received ORANGE Armenia Book Award and was published in 2013 with her illustrations. While having more than 30 publications of fairy stories, short stories, poems, drama, and creative non-fiction, Armine Anda had films meanwhile, as an actress, co-writer and producer. Her first film as a of a producer-writer, a short animation Bojo by Mikayel Vatinyan) participated in 20 international film festivals and received various awards.  Joan and the Voices (also by Mikayel Vatinyan), her first feature film as of a producer, she is also lead actress and co-writer for, was screened internationally in 12 countries (South Korea, Sweden, USA, Austria, France, Ukraine, Belorussia, Estonia, Germany, Poland, Belgium, and Armenia). She received Best Supporting Actress Nomination in the Armenian National Cinema Awards in 2013.  She has experience of working with children of different age, including teaching them storytelling and acting.


2010 – The Inhabitants of Ankimure, Orange Book Award, Best Children’s book nomination

2002 – Awarded to be published on Debut Series of Writers Union of Armenia, The Inhabitants of Ankimure, Part 1



Marzipan Spirit, (Մարցիպանի ոգին), children’s novella, 2017

The Inhabitants of Ankimure («Անկիմյուրի բնակիչները»), illustrated by the author, Printinfo, 2013

The Stories of Salleses (Սալեսների պատմությունները), fairy stories, Illustrated by the author,  Kaisa, 2005

Almost Children’s Poems (Համարյա մանկական բանաստեղծություններ), Illustrated by the author, Kaisa, 2004

The Inhabitants of Ankimure (Անկիմյուրի բնակիչները), fantasy novel, part 1, Writer’s Union of Armenia, Debut Series, 2002