ARI Literary and Talent Agency will henceforth introduce the author of the novels “Blind Punctuaton” and “Archiutectural Mutation” Aram Avetis. Architectural Mutation was presented to the readers just recently and very well accepted by literary critics and readers. It is an experimental novel. The main character is called Dissident, he lives in a gloomy city and struggles to preserve his identity. The city in this book stands for an antihero. It is a place where numerous people live and hold a belief that there is only one truth and that’s the reason why their inner world has undergone a mutation. The city is a death locked from all sides and to get into the city you an individual has to die. The main character is a pessimist who refuses to color that human-less reality.

We are glad to collaborate with Aram Avetis and wish him luck in all his beginnings.

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