English translations of Karine Khodikyan’s “The Door Was Open” and Susanna Harutyunyan’s “The Ravens Before Noah”.

ARI Literary and Talent Agency is happy to announce that Karine Khodikyan’s “The Door Was Open”, a short story collection, and Susanna Harutyunyan’s novel “The Ravens Before Noah” have been published in English language by Glagoslav Publishing House.

The short fiction of Karine Khodikyan can be described as an intellectual women fiction. The stories tell stories of women – young and old, happy and sad, stories, where even if the protagonist is not a woman the whole story still bring you to the life of a woman, her role in all and everything. The short stories always have a mystical touch, are full of suspense, they take your breath and make you turn the page to discover the unexpected.

The novel is set in an Armenian mountainous village in 1915-1960. An old man with a new born baby boy saved by him escape from “Hamidian massacres” in Turkey in 1894 and establish themselves in the ruins of demolished and abandoned village. The village soon became a shelter for many others, who fled from problems with law, their families and past lives. The villagers survive in this secret shelter, cut from the rest of the world, by selling or exchanging their own agricultural products in the villages down the mountain. To read more please follow the link.