Presentation of the Book of Genius by Harout Ghukassian

Fantasy novel by an Armenian author

The presentation of The Book of Genius by Harout Ghukassian took place on December 26th at Zangak Bookstore. The book was presented by Edge Publishing House, ARI Literary Agency, the editor Sevak Ghazaryan, the illustrator Gor Abrahamyan and the author Harout Ghukassian.

The editor, Sevak Ghazaryan outlined the importance of the book as a genre fiction, which is still not widely covered by Armenian authors. He also mentioned that despite the fact that the characters of the book are fantastic creatures from different planets and civilizations, half animal and half human, still the central and the most important figure is the MAN with all weaknesses and strengths of the humankind. Another spectacular fact is that the novel outlines the importance the book itself as the carrier of the wisdom. All these being a part of the fantastic plot are metaphors stressing out real life values.

ARI Literary and Talent Agency will now be selling the translation rights of the novel. English samples are available. You can read about the author and the book in our website.