Aram Pachyan’s Good bye, Bird is published in Bulgarian

Aram Pachyan, Goodbye, Bird, Armenian authors in translation

ARI Literary and Talent Agency is happy to announce that Aram Pachyan’s novel Good Bye, Bird has been published in Bulgarian by Paradox Publishing House. Translation has been done by Antoaneta Anguelova.

A small review from Paradox:

“Our latest title is “Goodbye, Bird” by Armenian writer Aram Pachyan! 📓 The book does not give answers, but puts questions. It is like a puzzle that the reader should solve himself, and the painting is not complete until the last piece is in place until the last page is read. “

“In the style of Aram Pachyan you clearly feel the influence of authors Alain Rob-Grillet, Michelle Bûtor, Natalie Sarot and the French “new novel” in general. In the case of “Goodbye, Bird ” also highlights the basic contribution of the lyrics of “Pink Floyd ” and especially the album The Final Cut, with its powerful antiwar texts.”

The book was presented at Sofia Book Fair in December 10-15, 2019.