Jean-Chat Tekgyozyan at Paris International Book Fair, SALON DU LIVRE, 2019.

The International Book Fair SALON DU LIVRE will take place from March 15-18 in Paris.

Jean-Chat Tekgyozyan will be present at the Book Fair with the French edition of his novel The Fleeting City, at Belleville éditions stand.

Come over to get your copy with the author’s signature.

The novel is described as a “virtual movie-novella, where mysticism and urban typologies, grotesque and humorous transitions are all interlaced”. He touches on themes previously taboo in Armenian culture – drugs, sexuality, suicide and virtual reality – all subjects that have come to characterize a new Armenia.  His style resonates with an almost cartoon-animated quality.

Part humorist, part absurdist, always serious, part surrealist, always imaginative – Tekgyozyan seems to be able to draw an animated film on paper, where objects come to life and human beings take on unsuspecting forms.