Once there was a woman, she used to live a life like millions of others – neither very happy, nor unhappy, with a job, and a lover, and everything seemed fine, the fears were hidden under humor, and she didn’t believe in love, not anymore. But her life has changed right at the moment when she first watched her favorite singer Jacques Brel on youtube. She fell in love… no doubt it was love, cause if you are not a complete idiot you can’t miss it, or take it for something else. She fell for a man, who has died in 1978, she fell for a dead Belgian musician, poet and actor Jacques Brel. Completely realizing that she couldn’t expect anything in return, she, nevertheless, tried to discover the secret of what happened to her. Not because of Brel, but due to him, a dead musician, she was able to reconnect to her true self. The novel is written in two story lines: the life of the protagonist who fell in love with Jacques Brel and the changes that happened to her while she was overwhelmed with that unusual feeling, and the life story of Jacques Brel himself, not a real story, but a life he could have lived, a fictitious life, which could be as true as real one.

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