Actuelle Art
326 pages
ISBN 978-9939-816-98-2
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Al-Arabi Publishing and Distributing (world Arabic rights), Egypt

In all times of human history people would kill each other in the name of God. They didn’t know that the God they fought for was the God of Power. The 11th century is known for two historical religious initiatives – the Crusades and Assassins of Syria. Since 9/11 attacks a new tragic era of terrorism was launched and spread from the US and all through Europe and Asia. The tragedy in Paris, France in November 2015 has urged the writer to refer to the roots of religious extremism. In the first storyline of the novel Point Zero the author pictures the start of Crusades by the Pope Urban II in 1095. Second story takes place in 1090 in Persia, where Hassan Ibn Sabbah, an Ismaili missionary establishes an extremist religious community and seizes a fortress of Alamut. The third story is set in Paris in out days in November 2015 where a French young woman Lise and an Arab young man Ali fall in love and are amazed by the differences of each other, but the traditional and religious family of Ali makes it complicated for them to be together.

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