Armenian Pavilion at London Book Fair

Armenian Pavilion is returning to London Book Fair in 2017.

Mr Charle Malaas started the initiative of the Armenian Pavilion in 2013 with the help of the British Armenian Community, private sponsors and some public funding.

The purpose of the Armenian Pavilion is to give authors, publishers and booksellers of Armenian heritage whether in the Diaspora or in the homeland the global platform to market their hard work by creating the necessary exposure to the world. This will also bring the added benefit to the British Armenian community to meet the exhibitors and purchase the many books that they would otherwise not have heard of before.

ARI Literary and Talent Agency will be glad to meet you at the Armenian Pavilion. For arranging an appointment please write us at

We have some highlights for you:

Point Zero by Narek Malian, a commercial novel based on historical events about first cases of religious extremism.

Wax by Anush Vardanyan a touching story of a woman falling in love with a famous singer, songwriter and actor Jacques Brel, gone for many years.

Book of Genius by Harout Ghukassian a fantasy novel about battles of various wild creatures for the intellectual power over the universe.

Ravens before Noa by Susanna Harutyunyan is a story of a life in hidden village in the mountains inhabited by survivors of the Armenian genocide, right before Soviet government finds and takes control over it.