Mommyland: the Flag by Armen of Armenia released

Armen of Armenia, Mommyland: the Flag

Armen of Armenia’s Mommyland: the Flag  was released after 3 years of his short story collection The Return of Kikos. The presentation of the book took place on the 19th of September at Artbridge book store cafe all through midday to midnight.

The trilogy Mommyland is the first novel series of the modern Armenian writer Armen of Armenia. It includes three novels – Mommyland: the Flag, Mommyland: the Hymn, and Mommyland: the Seal.

All three novels are written with the principle of the synthesis of rhetoric, screenplay, and poetic prose. Despite the experimental, innovative, literary style, all three novels have a distinct plotline, heroes, and their life stories. The places of action, the scenes, and the heroes intersect in such a way that in each of the following novels the secondary characters of the other two come to the forefront and become lead characters. The sequence of the novels is conventional because each of them is a complete literary work when considered separately.

The main characters of Mommyland: the Flag are three young boys, one of whom is a transvestite expelled from his family home who sings in a night club, while the other two are a gay couple. The plot brings to the forefront the problem of a minority traditionally oppressed in a society characterized by militarism and patriarchy. Through them the problem of mandatory military service is presented and the widespread practice in Armenia of discharging gays from the army on the basis of insanity. When one of the three characters does not return from the army, the other two face the necessity of making a life-changing decision: leave or stay in Armenia.