The ‘Disconnected’ Aram Pachyan in VPRO Documentary

Aram Pachyan is a novelist who gained prominence after his first short stories were featured in literary magazines and newspapers in Armenia. Before his first book was even published, he was bestowed Armenia’s highest honour – the Presidential Prize. His controversial novel Goodbye, Bird has been the most talked about book in Armenia for the past several years. From his beginnings as a young lawyer to his transformation into the most celebrated writer of his generation in Armenia, Pachyan rose to the heights of personal achievement without, remarkably, the burden of modern technology. At some point in his career he stopped using a mobile phone and he left all social networks. And though he lives in the city and works for a leading opposition newspaper as a journalist, he still manages to remain intimately in touch with nature. It is to this lifestyle that Pachyan attributes his ability to hear his inner voice and to make this voice audible to his readers. For this choice that he has made, Aram is featured in the documentary Offline is a New Luxury in the ‘Backlight’ series of VPRO, the Dutch public broadcasting organisation. You can watch the first episode of the series and meet Aram (at 10:54 min) below.  Soon, you will also be able to watch an episode that focuses on Aram Pachyan exclusively.